Advantages of Digital Systems

Advantages of Digital Systems

Below are the reasons for moving towards Digital systems

1. Ease of programmability

The digital systems can be used for different applications by simply changing the program without additional changes in hardware.

2. Reduction in cost of hardware

The cost of hardware gets reduced by use of digital components and this has been possible due to advances in IC technology. With ICs the number of components that can be placed in a given area of Silicon are increased which helps in cost reduction.

3. High speed

Digital processing of data ensures high speed of operation which is possible due to advances in Digital Signal Processing.

4. High Reliability

Digital systems are highly reliable one of the reasons for that is use of error correction codes.

5. Design is easy

The design of digital systems which require use of Boolean algebra and other digital techniques is easier compared to analog designing.

6. Result can be reproduced easily

Since the output of digital systems unlike analog systems is independent of temperature, noise, humidity and other characteristics of components the reproducibility of results is higher in digital systems than in analog systems.

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