DifficultyQuestion TitleCompany NameCategory
EasyMinimum Delete Operations to make all Elements of Array SameAdobeFactsethashing
MediumMaximum Distance Between two Occurrences of Same Element in ArrayDelhiveryFactsetFanaticsFourkiteshashing
EasyGroup Multiple Occurrence of Array Elements Ordered by first OccurrenceAccoliteAdobeAmazonDelhiveryFourkiteshashing
HardSmallest Subarray with k Distinct NumbersAmazonGooglehashing
MediumFind Largest d in Array such that a + b + c = dAccoliteAmazonDelhiveryFanaticsFourkitesFreeChargehashing
EasyMinimum swaps required to bring all elements less than or equal to k togetherAmazonAppDynamicsFactsetFourkitesMicrosofthashing
EasyFind top three repeated in arrayMAQo9 solutionsWiprohashing
MediumSorting using trivial hash functionCadence IndiaCapgeminiFactsetMAQUHG Optumhashing
EasyFind duplicates in a given array when elements are not limited to a rangeAdobeAmazonFactsetMAQUHG Optumhashing
MediumCheck if Array Contains Contiguous Integers With Duplicates AllowedAccentureAmazonDirectiFacebookIntuithashing
EasySum of f(a[i], a[j]) over all pairs in an array of n integersCiscoFacebookHikePublicis Sapienthashing
EasyCount of index pairs with equal elements in an arrayAmazonAtlassianCitadelFacebookIntuitSnapdealSquareYandexhashing
EasyFind Sum of all unique sub-array sum for a given arrayAmazonFacebookGreyOrangeIntuitMicrosoftNagarrohashing
MediumLongest subarray not having more than K distinct elementsAmazonCitadelDelhiveryFacebookMicrosoftSamsungYandexhashing
HardMaximum possible difference of two subsets of an arrayAtlassianCadence IndiaDirectiFreeChargeOperaPayUSnapchatTimes InternetXomehashing
EasyMinimum operation to make all elements equal in arrayAmazonBlackRockCitadelDirectiFlipkartIndeedYandexhashing
MediumFind subarray with given sum (Handles Negative Numbers)AmazonCouponDuniaDelhiveryGE HealthcareInfoEdgeMoonfrog Labshashing
MediumLength of the largest subarray with contiguous elementsAdobeAmazonBloombergCiscoKaratMonotype SolutionsPaytmPayUPublicis SapientSAP Labshashing
MediumCount number of triplets with product equal to given numberAccoliteAmazonCiscoFlipkartKulizaPublicis Sapienthashing
MediumMaximum difference between first and last indexes of an element in arrayAccoliteAmazonHikeMakeMyTripOla CabsSAP Labshashing
HardFind any one of the multiple repeating elements in read only arrayCapital OneFacebookGoogleIndeedMicrosoftPinteresthashing
EasyFind elements which are present in first array and not in secondAccoliteDelhiveryFactsetFanaticsSnapdealZohohashing
HardCheck for Palindrome after every character replacement QueryAmazonFacebookFlipkartGoogleNetflixhashing
EasyDifference between highest and least frequencies in an arrayCitadelFabFourkitesRobloxTeslahashing
HardFind four elements that sum to a given value (Hashmap)AmazonGoogleMicrosofthashing
Easyk-th missing element in increasing sequence which is not present in a given sequenceCitadelExpediaFabFactsetIBMSAP Labshashing
EasyHow to check if two given sets are disjoint?FactsetHikeKulizaNagarroOperaSnapdealhashing
EasyCheck if a given array contains duplicate elements within k distance from each otherAmazonAvalaraCitadelFreeChargeHackerRankSnapchatSnapdealhashing
MediumCheck if two arrays are equal or notAccentureGoldman SachsMAQo9 solutionsTaxi4SureTwiliohashing
MediumPair with given product24*7 Innovation LabsAmazonAvalaraRobloxhashing
MediumSubarray with 0 sumCitrixDE ShawGoldman SachsIndeedMakeMyTripOYO RoomsPaytmTCShashing
EasyFind missing elements of a rangeDelhiveryGreyOrangeLinkedInNagarroOperaSynopsyshashing
EasyFirst element occurring k times in an arrayAmazonHikePayUSAP LabsTeradataWiproYatraZohohashing
HardPrint all subarrays with 0 sumAmazonFreeChargeIndeedInfo EdgeMicrosoftOYO Roomshashing
EasyContains DuplicateAdobeAmazonApplehashing
HardCount Substrings with equal number of 0s, 1s and 2sCitrixFreeChargeGoldman SachsOYO RoomsTimes InternetTwiliohashing
MediumLargest subarray with equal number of 0s and 1sAmazonCourseraGreyOrangeMakeMyTripMorgan StanleyPaytmSynopsysTimes Internethashing
EasyNon-overlapping sum of two setsAccoliteAmazonHikeKulizaPinterestSnapdealSynopsysTeradatahashing
HardFind all pairs (a, b) in an array such that a % b = kAmazonArcesiumCitadelDirectiFreeChargeYahoohashing
EasyCount subarrays with equal number of 1’s and 0’sCiscoCouponDuniaCourseraDatabricksKaratSAP LabsTeslahashing
HardPalindrome Substring QueriesAmazonByteDanceeBayExpediaGoogleIntuitMicrosoftPayPalPinterestSynopsyshashing
MediumElements to be added so that all elements of a range are present in arrayGreyOrangeKulizaSnapdealSynopsysTeradataTimes Internethashing
MediumCount subarrays having total distinct elements same as original arrayAmazonDatabricksFabHoneywellPayUSquareTeradataYandexhashing
HardCuckoo sequence programEpic SystemsFlipkartGoogleMicrosoftNetflixTeslahashing
MediumSubarrays with distinct elementsCiscoFreeChargeTimes InternetZohohashing
MediumCount quadruples from four sorted arrays whose sum is equal to a given value xAccoliteFanaticsMoonfrog LabsSynopsyshashing
MediumCount pairs from two linked lists whose sum is equal to a given valueAdobeAmazonAvalaraExpediaFanaticsGoogleIndeedMicrosoftPayPalTeslahashing
EasyFind sum of non-repeating elements (distinct) elements in an arrayOxigen Wallethashing
HardFind distinct elements common to all rows of a matrixBlackRockExpediaJP MorganQualcommSnapdealYatraZohohashing
EasyNumbers with prime frequencies greater than or equal to kAccoliteAmazonFactsetFourkitesGreyOrangePinterestXomehashing
MediumConvert an array to reduced formLinkedInSnapchatXomeYahoohashing
MediumFind pairs with given sum such that elements of pair are in different rowsAmazonDE ShawDirectiGreyOrangeIndeedPinterestTeradatahashing
MediumCommon elements in all rows of a given matrixAmazonCiscoDE ShawOperaSAP LabsZohohashing
MediumFind all permuted rows of a given row in a matrix24*7 Innovation LabsAccentureExpediaIBMJP Morganhashing
EasyGiven two unsorted arrays find all pairs whose sum is xAmazonFacebookhashing
EasySort elements by frequencyAmazonOracleZohoZycushashing
EasyFind the first repeating element in an array of integersAmazonFanaticsMAQMicrosoftOraclehashing
EasyCount items common to both the lists but with different pricesAmazonFactsetGE HealthcareHoneywellTCSTeslahashing
EasyMinimum number of subsets with distinct elementsCapital OneGE HealthcareIBMMoonfrog LabsYandexhashing
MediumLongest Span with same Sum in two Binary arraysAccentureCiscoIndeedKulizaSAP LabsYandexhashing
EasyFind Number of Employees Under every EmployeeAccoliteGE HealthcareMicrosoftMyntraQualcommSynopsysTeradatahashing
MediumSmallest Element Repeated Exactly K TimesBelzabarKomli MediaNetskopeNvidiaOperaServiceNowUHG Optumhashing
MediumK-th Distinct Element in an ArrayAdobeAmazonAppleByteDanceeBayExpediaFacebookGoogleLinkedInMicrosoftOracleSalesforceSpotifyWalmart Labshashing
EasyCumulative Frequency of Count of Each Element in an Unsorted ArrayCadence IndiaFanaticsLinkedInMoonfrog LabsPinteresthashing
MediumGroup Words With Same Set of CharactersBlackRockCitrixIBMJP MorganSAP LabsXomehashing
EasyFirst non Repeating ElementBelzabarKomli MediaMetLifeSnapdealSprinklrWookerhashing
EasySecond Most Repeated Word in a SequenceAmazonGE HealthcareGoldman SachsPaytmSnapdealUHG Optumhashing
EasyPrint All Distinct Elements of a Given Integer ArrayAmazonMakeMyTripZohohashing
EasyPair of Positive Negative Values in an ArrayAmazonBelzabarHoneywellHuluNvidiaRobinhoodYelphashing
EasyRemove Minimum Number of Elements Such That no Common Element Exist in both ArrayAlationMetLifeOxigen WalletServiceNowSpotifyhashing
EasyMaximum occurring character in a stringAmazonMorgan StanleyPayUZohohashing
EasyCount Pairs With Given SumAccoliteAmazonFactsetHikehashing
EasyMost Frequent Element in an ArrayAdobeAmazonFactsetFourkitesInfosysMAQhashing
EasyFind Pair with Greatest Product in ArraySamsunghashing
MediumSmallest Subarray With all Occurrences of a Most Frequent ElementCitrixCourseraOYO RoomsQualtricsSynopsysTaxi4Surehashing
MediumFind Top K (or Most Frequent) Numbers in a StreamAccoliteAmazonhashing
MediumNext Greater Frequency ElementAccentureCapgeminiMicrosoftUHG Optumhashing
EasyChange the Array into Permutation of Numbers From 1 to NCapgeminiDelhiveryFourkitesMAQo9 solutionsPublicis Sapienthashing
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