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Cohesity is an American privately held information technology company headquartered in San JoseCalifornia with offices in India and Ireland. The company develops software that allows IT professionals to back up, manage and gain insights from their data across multiple systems or cloud providers. Their products also include anti-ransomware features, Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service, and SaaS management.

It has got a 4.1* rating on Glassdoor and is considered one of the best product-based companies. It is highly regarded for its work-life balance.

They provide good training as well which will be beneficial in future too. You can practice the below Cohesity Interview Questions for the interview. We have collected past frequently asked Cohesity Interview Questions for your reference.


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Question 1. LRU Cache Leetcode Solution Problem Statement The LRU Cache LeetCode Solution – “LRU Cache” asks you to design a data structure that follows Least Recently Used (LRU) Cache We need to implement LRUCache class that has the following functions: LRUCache(int capacity): Initializes the LRU cache with positive size capacity. int get(int key): Return the value ...

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