Zycus Interview Questions

Zycus is a global provider of a complete Source-to-Pay suite of procurement performance solutions. It designs and develops software in the procurement domain. Zycus is headquartered in Princeton, New Jersey, and has 11 global offices across the US, EuropeMiddle East, Asia, and Australia. Zycus was founded in 1998 by Mr. Aatish Dedhia. Dedhia had worked previously at Intel Corporation in the U.S. where he was part of the core design team on the Pentium-II processor and introduced Internet and Intranet technologies within the Pentium-II group for improving group work and knowledge management.

It has got a 4.5* rating on Glassdoor and is considered one of the best product-based companies. It is highly regarded for its work-life balance.

They provide good training as well which will be beneficial in future too. You can practice the below questions collected from Zycus Interview Experience for the interview. We have collected past frequently asked questions from Zycus Interview Experience for your reference.

Zycus Array Questions

Question 1. Sort elements by frequency Problem Statement You are given an array of integers, some numbers are repeated in it. The problem statement asks to print the number in the array in decreasing order according to their frequency that is to sort elements by frequency. Example arr[]={3,4,3,1,2,9,2,9,2,5 } 2 2 2 3 3 9 9 ...

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Question 2. Count minimum steps to get the given desired array Problem Statement Suppose you have an array containing only integer 0 as all of its elements. Consider, you are given an array of length n having all 0s in which we have to convert the 0s to the given required array. We can name the required array as the desiredArr ...

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Question 3. Sort Elements by Frequency II Problem Statement In the “Sort Elements by Frequency II” problem we have given an array a[]. Sort the array according to the frequency of the elements where the higher frequency element comes first then others. Input Format The first and only one line containing an integer n. Second-line containing n ...

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Question 4. Sort Elements by Frequency of Occurrences Problem Statement In sort elements by frequency of occurrences problem, we have given an array a[]. Sort array elements in such a way that the element with the highest number of occurrences comes first. If the number of occurrences is equal then the print the number which appeared first in ...

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Zycus Graph Questions

Question 5. Transpose Graph Problem Statement The problem “Transpose graph” states that you are given a graph and you need to find the transpose of the given graph. Transpose: Transpose of a directed graph produces another graph with same edge & node configurations but the direction of all the edges have been reversed. Example ...

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