Palindrome string (number)

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Check whether the given string is palindrome or not. Given string is form of positive number.

Palindrome: If we reverse the string if it looks the same then it is called as palindrome.


Time complexity : O(n)


a. Copy the number and store it in temp.

b. Create a new variable reverse, reverse = 0.

c.  reverse = reverse * 10, divide temp with 10 and add remainder to reverse.(reverse = reverse + temp)

d. And update temp = temp/10, do this until temp = 0

e. Finally if input number = reverse, print is palindrome.

f. Else, print not palindrome.

C++ Program

#include <bits/stdc++.h>

using namespace std;

int main()
   //n is input number
   int n, reverse = 0, temp;
   cout<<"Enter a number to check if it is a palindrome or not: ";
   temp = n;
   //reverse is reverse ot it
   while (temp != 0)
      reverse = reverse * 10;
      reverse = reverse + temp;
      temp    = temp/10;
   if (n == reverse)
      cout<<n<<" is a palindrome number";
      cout<<n<<" is not a palindrome number";
   return 0;

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