Container With Most Water LeetCode Solution

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Problem Statement

Container With Most Water LeetCode Solution says that – You are given an integer array height of length n. There are n vertical lines are drawn such that the two endpoints of the ith line are (i, 0) and (i, height[i]).

Find two lines that together with the x-axis form a container, such that the container contains the most water.

Return the maximum amount of water a container can store.

Notice that you may not slant the container.


Example 1:

Container With Most Water LeetCode Solution

 Input : 
  height = [1,8,6,2,5,4,8,3,7]




 The above vertical lines are represented by array [1,8,6,2,5,4,8,3,7]. In this case, the max area of water (blue section) the container can contain is 49.

Example 2:


 height = [1,1]




  • n == height.length
  • 2 <= n <= 105
  • 0 <= height[i] <= 104



  • In order to find Container With Most Water. We will Focus on the maximum area covered between two vertical lines representing the maximum amount of water contained by the container.
  • So our final answer will be (height between two vertical * distance between them). so what we will do first we will take two pointers one pointer start from 0 and another from last and we will compare the height and  the height which will be smaller we will take that height and multiply distance between both the heights.
  • After that if height[i] > height[j] then decrease the pointer from last and if height[i] < height[j] then increase the pointer i by 1 and update res with maximum and at last we will return a maximum one.


  • First we will make two pointer i = 0,j = length of array and one variable res = 0.
  • After that, we will traverse the array and check for the condition if height[i] > height[j] then calculate the area and update res.
  • Then Decrement in j by 1 else same condition will happen instead of decrement we will increase the i by 1 and return res.
  • Hence, Container With Most Water will be calculated.

Image of Container With Most Water LeetCode Solution –

Container With Most Water LeetCode SolutionContainer With Most Water LeetCode Solution Container With Most Water LeetCode Solution

class Solution {
    public int maxArea(int[] height) {
        int i = 0;
        int j = height.length-1;
        int res = 0;
        while(i < j){
            if(height[i] > height[j]){
                res = Math.max(res,Math.min(height[i],height[j])*(j-i));
                res = Math.max(res,Math.min(height[i],height[j])*(j-i));
        return res;         
class Solution:
    def maxArea(self, height: List[int]) -> int:
        i = 0
        j = len(height)-1
        res = 0
        while(i < j):
            if height[i] > height[j]:
                res = max(res,min(height[i],height[j])*(j-i))
                res = max(res,min(height[i],height[j])*(j-i))
                i += 1
        return res

Time Complexity: O(N), As we have traversed the whole array only once.

Space Complexity: O(1), As we have not taken any Extra Space.





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