String startswith() and endswith()

String startswith() and endswith(): Python provides the built-in methods startswith() and endswith() for string manipulation. The startswith() and endswith() methods check if the string starts or ends with the given substring. You can also specify where your search should begin on a string. startswith(): The startswith() method checks if the …

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CSV files in Python

To understand how to work with CSV files in Python, we need to know why we actually need CSV files? Need for file input and output Let’s say we have a program that accepts an input and produces an output. For now, let’s say a list is passed as an …

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Python While Loop

For , If and While are the primitive compound statements/loops in  Python. In this tutorial, we will be covering only the Python while statement. Python While Loop: Python while loop is used to execute a set of statements as long as the condition is true. The below code prints the …

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