Microsoft Interview Experience

Top microsoft interview questions

S.NoInterview QuestionNumber of times candidates experienced this question in interviews
1Two Sum Leetcode Solution27756
2Plus One Leetcode Solution13860
3Valid Parentheses LeetCode Solution13134
4First Repeating Element11427
53Sum Leetcode Solution11304
6Single Number Leetcode Solution10835
7Pow(x, n) Leetcode Solution9507
8Sqrt(x) Leetcode Solution8975
9Merge Sorted Arrays Leetcode Solution8903
10Meeting Rooms II LeetCode Solution8846
11Search Insert Position Leetcode Solution8102
12Count Primes Leetcode Solutions8021
13Roman to Integer Leetcode Solution7914
14Valid Palindrome Leetcode Solution7771
15Palindrome Number LeetCode Solution7592
16Find the Maximum Repeating Number in Array7580
17Jump Game Leetcode Solution7169
18Text Justification LeetCode Solution7144
19Number of Good Pairs Leetcode Solution6984
20Add Binary Leetcode Solution6950
21House Robber Leetcode Solution6932
22Spiral Matrix LeetCode Solution6874
23Check length of a String is Equal to the Number Appended at its Last6836
24Find All Numbers Disappeared in an Array Leetcode Solution6574
25Longest Palindromic Substring LeetCode Solution6544
26Kth Missing Positive Number Leetcode Solution6452
27Permutations Leetcode Solution6274
28Next Permutation Leetcode Solution6214
29Maximum Profit in Job Scheduling Leetcode Solution6184
30Longest Common Prefix Leetcode Solution6171
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