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Top google interview questions

S.NoInterview QuestionNumber of times candidates experienced this question in interviews
1Plus One Leetcode Solution16387
2Valid Parentheses LeetCode Solution15723
33Sum Leetcode Solution13325
4First Repeating Element13078
5Single Number Leetcode Solution12122
6Pow(x, n) Leetcode Solution11552
7Sqrt(x) Leetcode Solution11226
8Merge Sorted Arrays Leetcode Solution10994
9Meeting Rooms II LeetCode Solution10876
10Concatenation of Array LeetCode Solution10290
11Contains Duplicate II Leetcode Solution9888
12Roman to Integer Leetcode Solution9717
13Count Primes Leetcode Solutions9682
14Search Insert Position Leetcode Solution9516
15Reverse Vowels of a String Leetcode Solution9163
16Jump Game Leetcode Solution8849
17Intersection of Two Arrays II Leetcode Solution8764
18Spiral Matrix LeetCode Solution8525
19Find the Maximum Repeating Number in Array8453
20Text Justification LeetCode Solution8448
21Longest Substring Without Repeating Characters LeetCode Solution8111
22Longest Palindromic Substring LeetCode Solution7904
23Jewels and Stones Leetcode Solution7898
24Maximum Subarray Leetcode Solution7672
25Permutations Leetcode Solution7628
26Find All Numbers Disappeared in an Array Leetcode Solution7543
27Daily Temperatures Leetcode Solution7437
28Maximum Profit in Job Scheduling Leetcode Solution7313
29Next Permutation Leetcode Solution7299
30Frog Jump Leetcode Solution7249
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