Web Crawler LeetCode Solution

Problem Statement Web Crawler LeetCode Solution – Given a URL startUrl and an interface HtmlParser, implement a web crawler to crawl all links that are under the same hostname as startUrl. Return all URLs obtained by your web crawler in any order. Your crawler should: Start from the page: startUrl Call HtmlParser.getUrls(url) to get all URLs from a webpage of …

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Implement Trie (Prefix Tree) Leetcode Solution

Problem Statement The Implement Trie (Prefix Tree) LeetCode Solution – “Implement Trie (Prefix Tree)” asks you to implement the Trie Data Structure that performs inserting, searching and prefix searching efficiently. Example: Input: [“Trie”, “insert”, “search”, “search”, “startsWith”, “insert”, “search”] [[], [“apple”], [“apple”], [“app”], [“app”], [“app”], [“app”]] Output: [null, null, true, false, true, null, true] Explanation: After inserting all the strings, trie looks like this. Word apple is searched which …

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