Accenture Interview Experience

Top accenture interview questions

S.No Interview Question Number of times candidates experienced this question in interviews
1Print the Fibonacci numbers in reverse order3471
2Convert array into Zig-Zag fashion1621
3Multiplication of Previous and Next1526
4Spiral Matrix II Leetcode Solution1409
5Longest Common Prefix using Divide and Conquer1334
6Check if all Rows of a Matrix are Circular Rotations of Each Other1291
7Insertion Sort1290
8Find the Subarray of given length with Least Average1203
9Transpose Graph1191
10Distance of nearest cell having 1 in a binary matrix1131
11Check if Array Contains Contiguous Integers With Duplicates Allowed1075
12Sequences of given length where every element is more than or equal to twice of previous1050
13Sort a String According to Another String1049
14Longest Span with same Sum in two Binary Arrays II1013
15Check if two arrays are equal or not944
16String comparison containing wildcards879
17Maximum Number of Chocolates to be Distributed Equally Among k Students873
18Longest Subarray Having Count of 1s One More than Count of 0s841
19Split Four Distinct Strings807
20Rearrange Array such that arr[i] >= arr[j] if i is even and arr[i] <= arr[j] if i is odd and j < i783
21Convert a String that is Repetition of a Substring of Length K781
22Compute nCr % p778
23Print all triplets in sorted array that form AP768
24Rearrange an Array Such that arr[i] is equal to i757
25Maximum subsequence sum such that no three are consecutive734
26Largest area rectangular sub-matrix with equal number of 1’s and 0’s722
27Count Subarrays with Same Even and Odd Elements706
28Replace two consecutive equal values with one greater703
29Check if an Array is Stack Sortable692
30Next Greater Frequency Element671
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