eBay Interview Experience

Top ebay interview questions

S.NoInterview QuestionNumber of times candidates experienced this question in interviews
1First Repeating Element12485
2Pow(x, n) Leetcode Solution10729
3Merge Sorted Arrays Leetcode Solution10177
4Meeting Rooms II LeetCode Solution10084
5Find the Maximum Repeating Number in Array8081
6Text Justification LeetCode Solution8050
7Longest Substring Without Repeating Characters LeetCode Solution7215
8Permutations Leetcode Solution7151
9Word Search Leetcode Solution6691
10Rotate Image LeetCode Solution6488
11Combination Sum Leetcode Solution6485
12House Robber II Leetcode Solution6210
13Search in Rotated Sorted Array Leetcode Solution6199
14Largest Number Leetcode Solution5615
15Sort Colors LeetCode Solution5221
16String Compression LeetCode Solution5035
17Valid Palindrome II Leetcode Solution4938
18Find the Duplicate Number LeetCode Solution4888
19Product of Array Except Self LeetCode Solution4829
20Sort Array by Increasing Frequency Leetcode Solution4755
21A Product Array Puzzle4719
22Optimal Account Balancing LeetCode Solution4561
23Number of Provinces Leetcode Solution4534
24Kth largest element in an Array Leetcode Solutions4526
25Fibonacci Number LeetCode Solution4468
26Decode String Leetcode Solution4408
27Subarray with Given Sum4375
28Find Smallest Missing Number in a Sorted Array4299
29Find the Missing Number4160
30Add Two Numbers II Leetcode Solution4129
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