eBay Interview Experience

Top ebay interview questions

S.No Interview Question Number of times candidates experienced this question in interviews
1First Repeating Element5053
2Find the Maximum Repeating Number in Array4301
3Pow(x, n) Leetcode Solution4136
4Merge Sorted Arrays Leetcode Solution3725
5Word Search Leetcode Solution3272
6Meeting Rooms II LeetCode Solution3216
7Combination Sum Leetcode Solution2761
8Permutations Leetcode Solution2678
9Search in Rotated Sorted Array Leetcode Solution2676
10Longest Substring Without Repeating Characters LeetCode Solution2666
11Subarray with Given Sum2663
12Rotate Image LeetCode Solution2559
13House Robber II Leetcode Solution2387
14Text Justification LeetCode Solution2345
15Largest Number Leetcode Solution2287
16Find Triplet in Array With a Given Sum2280
17Smallest Positive Number Missing in an Unsorted Array2239
18A Product Array Puzzle2199
19Find Smallest Missing Number in a Sorted Array2176
20Find the Missing Number2175
21String Compression LeetCode Solution2086
22Fibonacci Number LeetCode Solution1962
23Sort Array by Increasing Frequency Leetcode Solution1959
24Valid Palindrome II Leetcode Solution1938
25Kth largest element in an Array Leetcode Solutions1877
26Number of Provinces Leetcode Solution1759
27Find the Duplicate Number LeetCode Solution1758
28Count of Triplets With Sum Less than Given Value1757
29Kth Largest Element in a Stream Leetcode Solution1665
30Relative Sort Array Leetcode Solution1625
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