Adobe Interview Experience

Top adobe interview questions

S.No Interview Question Number of times candidates experienced this question in interviews
13Sum Leetcode Solution6077
2Valid Parentheses LeetCode Solution6033
3Plus One Leetcode Solution5869
4First Repeating Element5220
5Single Number Leetcode Solution5089
6Search Insert Position Leetcode Solution4537
7Find the Maximum Repeating Number in Array4421
8Pow(x, n) Leetcode Solution4291
9Roman to Integer Leetcode Solution3976
10Running Sum of 1d Array Leetcode Solution3972
11Merge Sorted Arrays Leetcode Solution3882
12Find All Numbers Disappeared in an Array Leetcode Solution3621
13Concatenation of Array LeetCode Solution3610
14Spiral Matrix LeetCode Solution3399
15Matrix Diagonal Sum Leetcode Solution3391
16Sort Integers by The Number of 1 Bit Leetcode Solution3356
17Number Of 1 bits3309
18Longest Palindromic Substring LeetCode Solution3260
19Reverse String Without Temporary Variable3257
20Longest Common Prefix Leetcode Solution3246
21Maximum Subarray Leetcode Solution3157
22Jewels and Stones Leetcode Solution3156
23Jump Game Leetcode Solution3091
24Sum of numbers in String3031
25Number of Islands LeetCode Solution3025
26Missing Number Leetcode Solution2979
27Isomorphic Strings Leetcode Solution2974
283Sum Closest LeetCode Solution2938
29Combination Sum Leetcode Solution2900
30Smallest window in a string containing all characters of another string2861
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