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Top citadel interview questions

S.NoInterview QuestionNumber of times candidates experienced this question in interviews
1First Repeating Element13089
2Find the Maximum Repeating Number in Array8462
3Asteroid Collision LeetCode Solution5415
4Best Time to Buy and Sell Stock LeetCode Solution5354
5Product of Array Except Self LeetCode Solution5217
6A Product Array Puzzle5210
7Group Anagrams LeetCode Solution5088
8Coin Change 2 Leetcode Solution4455
9Trapping Rain Water Leetcode Solution4279
10Word Ladder LeetCode Solution4171
11Time Based Key-Value Store LeetCode Solution3964
12Printing brackets in Matrix Chain Multiplication Problem3937
13Insert Delete GetRandom O(1) Leetcode Solution3927
14Maximum Product of Three Numbers LeetCode Solution3845
15Find Triplet in Array With a Given Sum3778
16Construct Binary Tree from Given Inorder and Preorder Traversals3423
17Pairs of Songs With Total Durations Divisible by 60 LeetCode Solution3367
18Count of index pairs with equal elements in an array3346
19Length of Longest valid Substring3242
20Three way partitioning of an array around a given range3177
21Count of Triplets With Sum Less than Given Value3051
22Minimum operation to make all elements equal in array2986
23Check if a given array contains duplicate elements within k distance from each other2893
24Longest subarray not having more than K distinct elements2892
25LRU Cache Implementation2865
26LRU Cache Leetcode Solution2847
27Integer Break LeetCode Solution2832
28Ugly Number II LeetCode Solution2827
29Difference between highest and least frequencies in an array2771
30Priority Queue using doubly linked list2760
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