Twitter Interview Experience

Top twitter interview questions

S.NoInterview QuestionNumber of times candidates experienced this question in interviews
1Single Number Leetcode Solution12727
2Meeting Rooms II LeetCode Solution11475
3Daily Temperatures Leetcode Solution7830
4Multiply Strings Leetcode Solution7135
5Integer to Roman Leetcode Solution6709
6Sort Characters By Frequency LeetCode Solution5868
7A Product Array Puzzle5774
8Product of Array Except Self LeetCode Solution5542
9Group Anagrams LeetCode Solution5491
10Number of Provinces Leetcode Solution5201
11First Unique Character in a String LeetCode Solution4918
12Find Pair with Given Difference4654
13Trapping Rain Water Leetcode Solution4605
14Insert Delete GetRandom O(1) Leetcode Solution4299
15Single Element in a Sorted Array LeetCode Solution4294
16Time Based Key-Value Store LeetCode Solution4259
17Top K Frequent Elements LeetCode Solution4192
18Minimum Increment to Make Array Unique Leetcode Solution4117
19Minimum Knight Moves LeetCode Solution4079
20The kth Factor of n Leetcode Solution3922
21Design A Leaderboard Leetcode Solution3555
22Count Number of Occurrences in a Sorted Array3474
23Alien Dictionary LeetCode Solution3316
24One Edit Distance LeetCode Solution3313
25Clone Graph LeetCode Solution3237
26Largest Rectangle in Histogram LeetCode Solution3230
27Regular Expression Matching Regular Expression Matching LeetCode Solution3171
28Paint House LeetCode Solution3151
29Maximal Square3144
30Maximum Number of Occurrences of a Substring Leetcode Solution3078
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