Mahindra Comviva Interview Questions


Comviva Technologies Limited is recognized among India’s Best Workplaces for Women 2019. This year, a total of 747 organizations, representing the voice of almost 39 lac women, were evaluated by Great Place to Work® to identify ‘India’s 75 Best Workplaces for Women 2019’.

It has got a 3.7* rating on Glassdoor and is considered one of the best product-based companies. It is highly regarded for its work-life balance.

They provide good training as well which will be beneficial in future too. You can practice the below questions collected from Mahindra Comviva Interview Experience for the interview. We have collected past frequently asked questions from Mahindra Comviva Interview Experience for your reference.

Mahindra Comviva Array Questions

Question 1. Divisible Pairs Counting Divisible Pairs is one of the interviewer’s favorite problem. This problem is good enough for testing interviewees’ problem skills along with knowledge on topics like arrays and hash-maps. Problem Statement: We have been provided with a selection of distinct positive integers. What to find? The number of pairs such that ...

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Mahindra Comviva Queue Questions

Question 2. An Interesting Method to generate Binary Numbers from 1 to n Problem Statement The problem “An Interesting Method to generate Binary Numbers from 1 to n” states that you are given a number n, print all the numbers from 1 to n in binary form. Examples 3 1 10 11   6 1 10 11 100 101 110 Algorithm The generation ...

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Question 3. Priority Queue Using Singly Linked List In priority queue using a singly linked list problem, we need to implement a priority queue by using a singly linked list. A priority queue contains the following operations, push(x, p): Add an element x with priority p at an appropriate position in the priority queue. pop(): Remove and return ...

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Question 4. Sorting a Queue without Extra Space In sorting a queue without extra space problem we have given a queue, sort it using standard queue operations without extra space. Examples Input queue = 10 -> 7 -> 2 -> 8 -> 6 Output queue = 2 -> 6 -> 7 -> 8 -> 10 Input queue = ...

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