DE Shaw Interview Experience

Top de-shaw interview questions

S.NoInterview QuestionNumber of times candidates experienced this question in interviews
1Daily Temperatures Leetcode Solution7982
2Product of array except self6840
3A Product Array Puzzle5963
4Asteroid Collision LeetCode Solution5926
5Best Time to Buy and Sell Stock  II Leetcode Solution5757
6Group Anagrams LeetCode Solution5682
7Implementation of Deque using Doubly Linked List5225
8Trapping Rain Water Leetcode Solution4731
9Subarray with 0 sum4454
10Find Peak Element LeetCode Solution4402
11Relative Sort Array Leetcode Solution4310
12Pairs of Songs With Total Durations Divisible by 60 LeetCode Solution3728
13Common elements in all rows of a given matrix3162
14Queries for counts of array elements with values in given range3098
15Find the Peak Element from an Array3058
16Distinct adjacent elements in an array2953
17Queries for GCD of all numbers of an array except elements in a given range2853
18Best Time to Buy and Sell Stock2852
19Longest Increasing Path in a Matrix LeetCode Solution2844
20Tiling Problem2836
21Minimum Number of Taps to Open to Water a Garden LeetCode Solution2831
22Shuffle 2n integers as without using extra space2478
23Queue using Stacks2475
24Best Time to Buy and Sell Stock IV LeetCode Solution2404
25Largest Sum Contiguous Subarray2279
26Longest Subarray Having Count of 1s One More than Count of 0s2248
27Find pairs with given sum such that elements of pair are in different rows2110
28Substring With Concatenation Of All Words2066
29Subset with sum divisible by m2013
30Matrix Chain Multiplication1953
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