Fourkites Interview Experience

Top fourkites interview questions

S.NoInterview QuestionNumber of times candidates experienced this question in interviews
1Check length of a String is Equal to the Number Appended at its Last7943
2Reverse a String using Stack7032
3Convert array into Zig-Zag fashion5273
4Implementation of Deque using Doubly Linked List5247
5Minimum swaps required to bring all elements less than or equal to k together4036
6Minimum Operations to convert X to Y3996
7Most Frequent Element in an Array3729
8Implement a stack using single queue3707
9Maximum Distance Between two Occurrences of Same Element in Array3614
10Number of NGEs to the Right3277
11Longest subsequence such that difference between adjacents is one3211
12Difference between highest and least frequencies in an array3157
13Maximum Consecutive Numbers Present in an Array3063
14Stack Permutations (Check if an array is stack permutation of other)3033
15Priority Queue in C++2994
16How to Implement Stack Using Priority Queue or Heap?2896
17Reverse a Stack Using Recursion2863
18Tracking current Maximum Element in a Stack2742
19Check if stack elements are pairwise consecutive2706
20Tower Of Hanoi2701
21Rearrange array such that even index elements are smaller and odd index elements are greater2669
22Iterative Method to find Height of Binary Tree2608
23Morris Traversal2537
24Top K Frequent Words2504
25Maximize Elements Using Another Array2450
26Find the Subarray of given length with Least Average2432
27Group Multiple Occurrence of Array Elements Ordered by first Occurrence2347
28How to Efficiently Implement k Stacks in a Single Array?2322
29Maximum Number of Chocolates to be Distributed Equally Among k Students2307
30Print Fibonacci sequence using 2 variables2307
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