Salesforce Interview Experience

Top salesforce interview questions

S.NoInterview QuestionNumber of times candidates experienced this question in interviews
1First Repeating Element11427
2Find the Maximum Repeating Number in Array7580
3Jump Game Leetcode Solution7169
4Longest Palindromic Substring LeetCode Solution6544
5Permutations Leetcode Solution6274
6Frog Jump Leetcode Solution6021
7Number of Islands LeetCode Solution5896
8Daily Temperatures Leetcode Solution5852
9Missing Number Leetcode Solution5566
10Search in Rotated Sorted Array Leetcode Solution5562
11Largest Number Leetcode Solution5185
12Valid Anagram Leetcode Solution4888
13Unique Paths Leetcode Solution4688
14Arranging Coins Leetcode Solution4681
15Repeated Substring Pattern LeetCode Solution4481
16Sort Colors LeetCode Solution4475
17Asteroid Collision LeetCode Solution4313
18Sort Characters By Frequency LeetCode Solution4254
19A Product Array Puzzle4124
20Kth largest element in an Array Leetcode Solutions4053
21Best Time to Buy and Sell Stock LeetCode Solution4031
22Decode String Leetcode Solution3989
23First Unique Character in a String LeetCode Solution3900
24Find Pair with Given Difference3557
25Word Ladder LeetCode Solution3304
26Smallest Positive Number Missing in an Unsorted Array3231
27Minimum Knight Moves LeetCode Solution3104
28Maximum Product of Three Numbers LeetCode Solution3076
29LRU Cache LeetCode Solution3024
30Merge Sorted Array LeetCode Solution2997
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