Salesforce Interview Experience

Top salesforce interview questions

S.No Interview Question Number of times candidates experienced this question in interviews
1First Repeating Element5227
2Find the Maximum Repeating Number in Array4430
3Longest Palindromic Substring LeetCode Solution3261
4Jump Game Leetcode Solution3100
5Number of Islands LeetCode Solution3029
6Missing Number Leetcode Solution2981
7Search in Rotated Sorted Array Leetcode Solution2832
8Permutations Leetcode Solution2806
9Daily Temperatures Leetcode Solution2400
10Unique Paths Leetcode Solution2383
11Frog Jump Leetcode Solution2355
12Largest Number Leetcode Solution2351
13Smallest Positive Number Missing in an Unsorted Array2278
14A Product Array Puzzle2240
15Find Pair with Given Difference1990
16Valid Anagram Leetcode Solution1984
17Kth largest element in an Array Leetcode Solutions1973
18First Unique Character in a String LeetCode Solution1950
19Best Time to Buy and Sell Stock LeetCode Solution1755
20Arranging Coins Leetcode Solution1708
21Sort Characters By Frequency LeetCode Solution1680
22Repeated Substring Pattern LeetCode Solution1650
23Asteroid Collision LeetCode Solution1622
24Decode String Leetcode Solution1545
25Word Ladder LeetCode Solution1535
26Maximum Product of Three Numbers LeetCode Solution1516
27Sort Colors LeetCode Solution1413
28Least Number of Unique Integers after K Removals Leetcode Solution1385
29Top K Frequent Words LeetCode Solution1365
30Next Permutation1345
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